by Michael Lee

Bonustrike by Michael Lee 


BonuStrike is Michael Lee's band. A rock and roll family! Michael is a singer-songwriter and lyricist from New York City. He has been performing for more than three decades. His debut album "Fantasy Impromptu" was  released in 2004, and  the 2nd LP "Let it Out" in 2012. His latest album "No fear" released on December 7th 2016. Michael has been receiving numerous of high compliments in his brilliant song writing from many top influential professionals of the music industry. Winning the best songwriter of Rock at in 2017.  He also an outstanding performer! One of the most passionate songwriters in the music industry! His music style is versatile, going from hard rock, soft rock, blues, ballads, also reggae to gospel songs ! He says his music is only for those who are dedicated to love and serious about music !